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National Credit Union Family WeekTM

By Buckaroo Staff

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Thanks for stopping by! Together, with credit unions across the nation, we’re celebrating money-smart families.

Want to teach money skills to your kids? Interested in cutting costs from your household budget? Check out our special Credit Union Week content designed to make your family more financially fit.

Start a money conversation at home

It may not be the birds and the bees, but money is a tough topic with kids. Studies show that the earlier you talk to kids about money and finances, the better.

Money-smart kids grow up to be money-smart adults, which is something all parents want; because let’s be honest… your kids are great, but don’t you want them to be financially independent and move out of your house some day? :)

Credit unions: the place for family finances

Family Week is all about connecting young families with their best resource for financial literacy—credit unions.

Credit unions are co-ops, which means they’re owned by their members, not by shareholders. Not only do they provide low-cost loans and services for families, they want to make sure you understand your money, so that you and your kids are equipped to make the best possible financial decisions.

So take a look at our new Family Week articles! And if you want to stay connected, don’t forget to follow Buckaroo Family on Facebook and Twitter.

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