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Young couple buying car seat for their baby.

Baby shopping on a budget in Hey Baby

As soon as you become pregnant, you start to notice it—the blitzkrieg of marketing trying to sell you x, y and z “must-have” baby products. The reality, however, is much different.

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A whole new world (of expenses) in Grow Daddy-O!

You’d think by now I would have learned. Summer vacation = spending money. Yet after all these years, I’m still surprised how quickly the kids’ summer activity expenses add up, even before the thermometer hits the 90s.

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Inside out: riding the emotional rollercoaster of money in Grow Daddy-O!

There’s a scene in the Pixar movie, Inside Out where we get a peek into the mind of Riley’s dad as he reacts to her “high levels of sass.” As the scene escalates, dad’s emotions take over and Anger ultimately “puts the foot down.” Mission accomplished. Or so dad thinks. I couldn’t help but think how emotions quickly take over when it comes to money. A $150 bill for dance lessons? Here comes Anger again. Thinking about college tuition? Fear will definitely make an entrance. Have to work a few extra hours to make ends meet? Say hello to Disgust. And you’ll definitely have a visit from Sadness when you…[more]


Top Ten Tips for Saving for Retirement in Fast Forward

It’s more important than ever to have a retirement plan. By being smart and proactive, you can create a savings strategy that will easily carry you far into your golden years. Here are ten tips for saving for retirement:


Making Sense of Cents in Smarty Pants

How much does your child really know about money? Do they think money something you work hard to earn, or does it magically appear out of the ATM?