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School times two

By Grow Daddy-O

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My oldest daughter informed me she’s started learning multiplication at school. It seems appropriate—her younger sister started kindergarten and now everything is going to cost twice as much.

It’s pretty simple math. Two backpacks, two pencil boxes, two lunch boxes, sets of new school clothes … you get the picture. But to be honest, this is all small potatoes compared to what’s waiting for me down the line: college tuition.

Sure I still have 10 years until the first payment has to be made, but we all know how quickly time flies. So what’s the solution? It’s never too early to start saving money and researching.

On a positive note, I already set aside a few bucks each month, but I have a lot of work ahead of me to become the college funding expert I want to be. By the time high school junior year rolls around, I want to have a black belt in everything from student loans and scholarships, to grants and everything in-between.

My first step… check out the rest of the Buckaroo Family site and get cracking.

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