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Inside out: riding the emotional rollercoaster of money

By Grow Daddy-O

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There’s a scene in the Pixar movie, Inside Out where we get a peek into the mind of Riley’s dad as he reacts to her “high levels of sass.” As the scene escalates, dad’s emotions take over and Anger ultimately “puts the foot down.” Mission accomplished. Or so dad thinks.

I couldn’t help but think how emotions quickly take over when it comes to money. A $150 bill for dance lessons? Here comes Anger again. Thinking about college tuition? Fear will definitely make an entrance. Have to work a few extra hours to make ends meet? Say hello to Disgust. And you’ll definitely have a visit from Sadness when you have to dip into your savings.

There’s no doubt that money fuels a lot of emotions. Some good, some bad. But ultimately, when you save and spend wisely (and are prepared for life’s expenses) Joy isn’t far behind. Especially when you see all the accomplishments and memories you made possible for your family.

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