DIY Rock Star Birthday

By Buckaroo Staff

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Have your kids graduated from Dora and Diego themed parties? Had your fill of princess and superhero decorations? It’s time to rock the house.

A rock star inspired birthday bash is a cheap (and cool) alternative to the typical party. Here are a few ideas:

The Invite. Make your own laminated V.I.P. All Access Pass for the invite. Include a plastic badge holder and lanyard so guests can wear their passes.

V.I.P. Entrance. On the day of the event, place gold stars all along the walkway to your front door with a sign, “V.I.P. Entrance.” This is where your guests can flash their passes to get in.

Props Station. Once they’re inside, little rockers can accessorize with glow bracelets, sunglasses and other crazy add-ons.

Tattoo Shop. Seriously, what’s a rock star party without tattoos? Purchase rock-themed temporary tattoos for your guests, and make sure you have plenty … moms and dads will most likely want to get tatted.

The Main Stage. Here’s where the real rockin’ happens. Have Guitar Hero or Rock Band set up with kid-friendly tunes.

The Side Stage. For guests not on the main stage, have a second area with inflatable instruments for an air guitar contest. Winners can keep the instruments.

Bonus idea: Don’t forget your t-shirt with the word “MANAGER” printed on front. You can also have a few adults wear yellow “SECURITY” t-shirt to add a little authenticity (and to keep the groupies in line).

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